Wu Tze Lee 001d



Day 12

WTL 001d

(Approaching the city) You see before you, through the smoke, the city of Wu Tze Lee. The Central Keep is located on a steep hill next to the sea. The smouldering city sprawls out below it. A shattered wall surrounds the city. The Central Keep still stands. The soldiers of Wu Tze Lee are building barricades in the streets. Advancing across the plain is the army of Hel Churl. Many smouldering junks dot the coast line to the north of the city.

The players can only reach the city of Wu Tze Lee if they are travelling by air. The army will lay siege before they can reach it by foot or sea.
The players can approach the city if they hurry and get there before the army of Hel Churl arrives. If they do so, they will be welcomed and asked to join or leave. If they choose to join they will be told to go to the Camp Five (in the Central Keep).



After the army of Hel Churl has the city under siege.

If the players go to Camp Five. Approaching the army of Hel Churl by air, sea or land.

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27 December 2000