Wu Tze Lee 001g



Day 15 & 16

WTL 001g

(Approaching the city) Nothing is left of the city of Wu Tze Lee but charred ruins. The plains around the city represent a similar scene of destruction. Out to sea are the remains of what was once the fleet of Prince Hei Ho Bang. The hulk of his flagship is clearly visible. The flag of Hel Churl flies above one of the tents set up around the city. Men are cleaning up the mess. Funeral pyres are burning for the dead. There is a solemn, hungover atmosphere in the air.

The army of Hel Churl is happy but hungover from last night's celebrations. They all now want to go home.
The clean up is progressing efficiently.
No players will be allowed into the area controlled by the army. They will be told to Come back tomorrow.
It is not possible to sneak past unless they disguise themselves as soldiers of Hel Churl. Any one trying this without disguising themselves will be attacked until they are driven off.
They can fly over. If they come below 700 feet they will be attacked.
On day 16 the army packs up and leaves. The players can gain entry to the ruins of the city and Central Keep. The only thing to be found in the Central Keep ruins is a two month old child, Wu Feng Hei (the next direct heir to Wu Tze Lee).

Stay until day 17.

the players get too low over the army days 15 & 16. If the players start a fight days 15 & 16. If the players leave.

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02 January 2001