Wu Tze Lee 001h



Days 17 to end

WTL 001h

(Approaching the city) Nothing is left of the city of Wu Tze Lee but charred ruins and scavenger birds. The plains around the city present a similar scene of destruction with the broken remains of shattered weapons littering the ground. Trenches have filled with water. Out to sea are the burnt hulks of what was once the fleet of Prince Hei Ho Bang. Only the hulk of his flagship seems to be defying the destructive force of the ocean.

There are no humans left in the city of Wu Tze Lee. It has been completely destroyed and deserted.
If they enter the city they will have an encounter with a group of tigers who have made the city their home.
If they enter the ruins of the Central Keep and search it they will find the two month old child Wu Feng Hei (The next direct heir to Wu Tze Lee).
The tigers are defending their territory and will fight until they have less than four hit points or the party leaves.
The tigers jump out from cover and gain 2 segments of surprise.
8 Tigers (MM 94) THACO: 15
#ATT: 3
DAM: 1d4+1/1d4+1/1d10
MOVE: 12"
AC: 6
SVM: 15

HP: 24

If the players leave.

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27 December 2000