Wu Tze Lee 001f



Day 14

WTL 001

(Approaching the city) The Central Keep of Wu Tze Lee is ablaze. Lying at its base are the charred remains of the city. Everywhere are scenes of destruction. You see many soldiers on the plain. Most are looking at the burning Keep and cheering. A few are on guard. A party is starting.

The soldiers from Hel Churl are in good spirits. They have won the war.
The players cannot sneak in unnoticed.
The players will be welcomed with open arms. Even the odd major transgression will be forgiven. The party is at times very rough though the players will take no damage from being involved in the friendly brawls.
If the players say that they are looking for the opals they will be told that a great wizard who helped the army in the battle came and took them. If pressed they will remember that his name was Yun Tin Kang.
The players can get into the city at any time they wish. The city is still smouldering but they will not be able approach the Central Keep until day 15 when the fire dies down and cools.

If the players stay until the next day.

If the players leave.


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(c) 1990, 2000, 2001 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush

27 December 2000