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WTM 028

(Jiao Helps) Jiao looks relaxed and says You have answered truthfully. This is what I know. There is a secret door into the garden from the inn. Once inside the garden has several traps. I have a diagram showing them for you. He hands you an old map [PH 018]. You need to get to the second floor for Wing Ting Mai's bedroom. Now follow me. He gets up and goes through the second curtain.

(Following Jiao) You enter a bedroom. Jiao has gone to a blank part of the wall and touches it A panel in the wall slides open. On the other side of the wall is a thick hedge, which almost completely obscures the opening. Jiao motions for quiet and for you to go through the door.

Give the players handout PH - 018.
The players can wait until it is dark, then Jiao will open the door for them again.

City days 1 to 19.

City days 20 to end. Party go through the door.

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