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There are four fish stalls. They sell: dried, salted and fresh; fish, octopus, Squid etc.
There are six seaweed stalls. They sell shredded, dried seaweed in any colour you can think of.
There are two pottery stalls. They sell pottery made from sand and mud mixed together and fired. This means it ends up with a glass layer around the outside. They will sell any normal pottery item.
There are two clothing stalls. All items are made from expensive silk materials. They cater for the rich.
There are four herb stalls. They have a wide variety of sea based and seaweed based herbs which are unfamiliar to the party. Many of their. nave healing properties, which Wing Ting Mai is famous for. (For every 10 PP bought they get herbs which heal 1d3 HP)
There is one glass stall. The glass is made from local sand, held together with glue to form a shape and fired. The glass is very poor quality. Any normal glass item can be bought.
There is one Fortune Teller at a curtained stall. (15' x 12' This lady is a fake. She will tell people what they want to hear by asking clever questions. She calls herself Sage Jing Guo Shu of the Heavenly Peach Grove. Cost is 10 GP per 15 minutes.
There are two curtained smoking stalls. (20' x 20) A sign out the front says "Relaxation". Inside are four double bunks with curtains around each one. You can buy seaweed, a pipe and retire to a bunk. Cost is 15GP per pipe. Effects are 12 hours of wild dreams.
There in one curtained bath house stall. (30'x 25') A sign out the front says "bath house". Inside are two dressing areas curtained off, one male, one female. People are sold towels as they enter and directed to the dressing area. The Bath House is one large bath set into the ground and sealed with a sand and glue spell. During all hours there are a couple of male and female customers. The dressing areas are always empty. The customers' clothes are on the floor. Anyone searching will find a golden key in the uniformed pocket The key fits Wing Ting Mai's bedroom door. Cost of a bath is 5 GP

City days 1 to 19.

City days 20 to end. Market. Leave the city.
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