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WTM 045

(Execution Yard) This large open yard has only one feature. In the centre of the sand is a small patch which is a dark colour. There is a small podium on the north west corner with several seats on it. Around the whole area is a rope fence. None of the locals cross the fence.

There will be no public executions while the party are in the town unless it is the party being executed. In that case they will be told to kneel in the centre of the yard by a tall warrior. Wing Ting Mai will come to the podium. He will announce the crime and punishment (hands or head) and leave. The warrior will slide his sword out and do his duty. If hands are chopped off, the character will be evicted from the city.
If the players go into the area uninvited a guard will tell them they are not allowed in the yard and tell them to leave. If they refuse or return later they will be evicted from the city for twenty four hours.
Guard THACO: 16
#ATT: 1
DAM: 1d8 Long Sword
MOVE: 9"
AC: 5
SVM: 15
LEVEL: 5 (Fighter)

HP: 24

City days 1 to 19.

City days 20 to end. Leave the city.

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