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WTM 030

(Market) The area is covered by old fishing nets which provides some shade for the stalls. There are few areas surrounded by curtains amongst the flat tables that serve as stalls. The people seem to be doing day to day shopping. Strolling through the back area of the market is a well dressed man in uniform followed by six servants. They quickly buy whatever he points to. He enters one of the curtained stalls.

The man in uniform is Wing Ting Mai's general. He enters the bath house. [ED: this is one of the market stalls.
Most stalls are simply wooden tables. There are four larger areas with curtain surroundings. At any time of day there will be fifty to sixty people in the market doing general shopping. They will not pay any attention to the party.
General Lee Quan Yu THACO: 9
#ATT: 2 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+3
MOVE: 6"
AC: 3
SVM: 10
LEVEL: 12 (Fighter)

HP: 90

City days 1 to 19.

City days 20 to end. Market Stalls. Leave the city.
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