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WTM 033

(Tunnel: North End) In the distance you can see light entering the tunnel. Faint noises can also be heard.

(Closer to the End) The tunnel now appears to be sloping up. It is opening into a well lit room. A small amount of chatter is coming from the room. It sounds like men's voices.

There are twelve guards currently in the, guard room around the table. They will be in the room for two hours. During this time they will have their weapons hung on the northern wall. W, W take two rounds for guards not engaged in defending to arm themselves and join the fight. After two hours a guard will enter the room and inform the guards of trouble in the city. All the guards will leave the room. The party have five rounds before they return at four per round.
Automatic success for rogues to move silently from the tunnel exit to observe room.
If searching a set of keys will be found on the wall. Keys 212, 209 and 807.
First level guards' quarters. The first landing opens into a room forty feet by forty feet. This is lined with rows of beds and foot lockers. There are thirty guards asleep and ten sitting talking. They will not notice the party if they (the party) are quiet. If they do notice the party they will attack.
Second level guards' quarters. The second landing opens into a room eighty feet by forty feet which is lined with beds and foot lockers. There is no one in the room. The lockers have spare uniforms in them.
Third level slave cells. The third landing opens into a dark, smelly corridor which is lined with wooden doors. Behind eighteen of the twenty doors are cells, twenty feet by twenty feet, with eight slaves in them. The doors are locked by key 212. If released the slaves will refuse to leave their cells. They totally accept being a slave.

Going into the tunnel.

City days 1 to 19.

City days 20 to end. Fight down stairs.

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30 December 2000