Wu Tze Lee 006a



Days 1 to 10

WTL 006a

(The Central Keep) The entrance to the Central Keep is thirty six feet wide. Standing at the gate are twenty soldiers. Everyone who enters the building is being stopped and questioned.

Only people who wear the head bands and arm bands of the army of Wu Tze Lee are being allowed access. The questions are:---What is your unit?" and "Why do you want to enter?". Answers given for unit names are things like "First Army","Home Defence Corps",etc. Reasons for entering are usually "To go to camp five.", with the occasional "Changing of the guard." or "To deliver a message to Wu Tze Fang.".
If the players get dressed up with head bands and arm bands and give a reasonable response to the questions, they can enter the Keep. Like wise if they can find another method like being invisible they can enter the Keep.
The soldiers will not tolerate being questions themselves and will tell anyone to answer their questions or leave. If die players persist or try to force their way past then the guards will raise the alarm.
During the day the doors are ajar. At night they are locked. (Key 460) In the morning the doors are opened from the inside. At night they are locked from the inside. One of the guards at the gate during the day has a key marked 460.

Back into the city days 1 to 8. Back into the city days 9 & 10. Down to Camp Five.
Up to the Command Level. If they find a way of getting onto the roof without being seen. Days 1 to 9. If they find a way of getting onto the roof without being seen. Day 10.
If the players are in a fight.
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