Wu Tze Lee 020a



Days 1 to 9

WTL 020a

(Roof) The ramp leads onto the roof. Around the edge is castling. In the centre is a large water tank forty feet tall. There are many guards on the roof. They are mostly armed with bows and swords. Stacks of wood, barrels, vats and piles of stones line the edge of the watertank.

People come and go from the roof all the time, so the guards will not take any notice of the players, unless they come over the wall. They can strike up conversations and unless they (the players) say something foolish there will not be any problems. Likewise they can go into any of the rooms.
If the players are not wearing head and arm bands the guards will order them to immediately go down to Camp Five. If they refuse they will be attacked. (Give them two minutes real time to leave.) The guards are under orders not to let any civilians onto the roof.

If they fight.

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Map : WTL-M-004 for references on where they can go.


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