Wu Tze Lee 1004



Days 1 to 14

WTL 1004

(Wu Tze Lee's Treasure Room) This is a richly decorated room. Red satin drapes the walls and red carpet covers the floor. The jade statue is a likeness of the God of Longevity. In his hand he holds one of the Three Heavenly Opals. It is blue. You can also see two guards sitting in front of a twenty feet wide mirror and four bats.

Combat will begin immediately they enter the room. Give them handout PH-015. If the players enter via the iron door add the bats to the players handout.
1 Guards fire crossbow bolts.
Bats fly down and attack four characters.
Jade statue moves in to attack.
2 Guards stand up with swords.
Bats continue attacking.
Jade statue continues to attack.
3+ All combatants fight until the death.
The Heavenly Opal cannot be removed from the Jade Statue until the statue is dead.
Under the drapes is nothing other than stone.
The iron door between the room and corridor is locked and requires key 521 to open it.
Jade Statue THACO: 6
#ATT: 1 (fist)
DAM: 4d8
MOVE: 6"
MR : +2 or better weapon required to hit. Weight: 20001b.
AC: 2
SVM: 5
HP: 65
Guards THACO: 10
#ATT: 3/2 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+5
MOVE: 12"
AC: -4
SVM: 9
LEVEL: 11 (Fighter)
HP: 60
Bats THACO: 12
#ATT: 1
DAM: 1d4+8
MOVE: 1"/12"
AC: 4
SVM: 12
SIZE: M (4 feet wing span)
HP: 65


Through the mirror.

If they are in here on the afternoon of day 14. Through the iron door.
WTL-M-003.jpg (134101 bytes) Map : WTL-M-003 for references on where they can go.

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