Wu Tze Lee 013a



Days 1 to 7

WTL 013a

(Battle Control) This room is one hundred and twenty feet by sixty feet. In the centre is a huge table. Around it stand people setting up markers. The table has a map of Wu Tze Lee and the surrounding areas. Around the perimeter of the room stand soldiers and guards.

This is the command centre. On the table the players can see that a model of the city and surrounding plain is being set up.
The players can wander around for a while. Give them a maximum of five minutes real time. After this time they will be asked to leave. If they refuse they will be evicted.
The players can go through any of the doors without causing trouble. There are plenty of NPCs doing this. This is because most of the rooms are being turned into temporary dormitories and additional workers are common.

If they start a fight.

WTL-M-002.jpg (142346 bytes) Use Map : WTL-M-002 for references on where they can go.

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