Wu Tze Lee 1003



Days 1 to 14

WTL 1003

(View from corridor) The corridor opens into a 20' x 20' x 8' room. The room is empty except for a glass pane which is the far wall. Through the mirror you can just make out a richly furnished room.

(Entering through the mirror) The empty room you have just entered is 20 x 20' x 8'. At the right hand end of the far wall is a roughly finished corridor eight feet wide.

(Looking through the one way mirror) You see a richly decorated room. Red satin drapes the walls and red carpet covers the floor. In the centre of the room, facing away from you, is a jade statue of the God of Longevity. In his hand he holds one of the Three Heavenly Opals. Sitting against the glass facing the door in the far wall of the room are two guards. They hold crossbows at the ready. On the ground beside them are their unsheathed swords.


Down the corridor.

Through the glass. If they stay in here until the afternoon of day 14.
WTL-M-003.jpg (134101 bytes) Map : WTL-M-003 for references on where they can go.

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02 January 2001