Wu Tze Lee 9001



Days 1 to 14

WTL 9001

(The Lord's Bunker)

Give them handout PH-016. If they enter via the secret, door then add the jade bat.
There are four men in the room. Before the players arrive they are arguing (loudly) about the view in the hemisphere.
If the players open the door quietly they will gain one round of surprise. Otherwise the men will be waiting in ambush.


All four men and the jade bat move into combat and fight to the end. The soldiers from WTL-019 run in to the room.
The bed is a single bed made of the finest silk.
The table has a crystalline hemisphere on it. In the hemisphere is a holographic image of the city and surrounding country side. The battling armies can be seen but no details smaller than two feet can be made out. There are no controls. The players see the following.

Days 1 to 7: The city is preparing for a large fight. Troops pour into the city to defend it. The number of troops is at least half a million and the volume of supplies is huge.

Day 8: The Navy of Prince Hei Ho Bang arrived in the morning and lay siege by mid afternoon. Many units from Wu Tze Lee valiantly delay the advancing army.

Days 9 to 11: The two opposing forces fight a bloody battle. In the morning of day eleven the outer city falls in heavy hand to hand fighting in the streets.

Day 12: After midnight several large fights break out behind the Ming lines and the forces from Wu Tze Lee have routed the Princes forces by early morning. The army hastily prepares a new set of defences. The army of Hel Churl arrives in the afternoon and Wu Tze Lee is once again under siege.

Day 13 to 14: The army of Hel Churl gradually wears down the defences of Wu Tze Lee. The last view ever possible from this scrying device is that of the Central Keep burning. This happens late on the afternoon of day 14.

Wu Tze Fang has the following items on his person. Keys marked 521 and 503, and a note from the Locust Queen expressing dissatisfaction with Wu Tze Lee PH-014.
The secret door is locked. Key 503 opens it.
Jade Bat THACO: 8
#ATT: 1
DAM: 3d8
MOVE: 2" fl=12"
MR : +1 or better weapon required to hit. Fang can hit it.
AC: 5
SVM: 5
HP: 68
Generals THACO: 10
#ATT: 3/2 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+4
MOVE: 3"
AC: 2
SVM: 7
LEVEL: 11 (Fighter)
HP: 62 35 66
Wu Tze Fang THACO: 6
#ATT: 2 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+6
MOVE: 6"
AC: -2
SVM: 4
LEVEL: 15 (Fighter)
HP: 85
Soldiers from WTL-019 THACO: 15
#ATT: 3/2 Long Sword
DAM: 1d8+2
MOVE: 6"
AC: 3
SVM: 15
LEVEL: 6 (Fighter)
HP: 44


Through the left door.

Through the right door. If they stay until the afternoon of day 14. Through the secret door.
WTL-M-003.jpg (134101 bytes) Map : WTL-M-003 for references on where they can go.

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