Wu Tze Lee 023a



Days 1 to 7

WTL 023a

(Storage) You see an old storage area. Old building material fills the back half.

This is an old storage area used when the tower was being built. On day seven, guards come in here and bring in straw mattresses and barrels of water. If asked they will tell the players that this room is to become a kitchen for the soldiers on the roof. On day eight the soldiers start using it as a kitchen. They do not question die players' presence.
There is a crudely hidden secret door in the floor. The dust in the cracks indicates that it has not been used for a long time.

Back out onto the roof.

Remain until day eight. If they fight. Into the shaft under the secret door.
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Map : WTL-M-004 for references on where they can go.


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