Five Element Mountain 001



Third Session

FEM 001

(Two Tiered Pagoda) Ahead you see a mountain stretching up into the sky with sheer and cragged walls. At its base is a small two tiered pagoda. Between you and the pagoda is a paper bridge 500 feet long reaching from your cloud to the cloud with the mountain on it.

The mountain is too high to fly to the top. It is 10 Miles High. That is 52,800 feet.
There is no path up the side of the mountain.
They can tell that the temple is a very small one dedicated to Budda, typical of what might be found on a desolate mountain side where the world is perfect and tranquil.
The bridge is made of bamboo paper. It appears to be a very large single sheet folded by some one with an amazing origami skill. Anyone walking across it will fall through. The first twenty feet of the bridge are over their cloud. If the players cast an Ironwood spell on the bridge it will become a steel bridge and be able to support their combined weight. They will not fall off the bridge unless they jump or are pushed.
The cloud they are on is one square mile in area. There are no features on it except the bridge.
Any character who falls off the cloud or bridge will fall for two days. It is impossible for the party to save the character who has fallen. (Terminal Velocity is 330" and it takes 5.7 seconds to reach terminal velocity.) Characters who fall will land on earth at the base of a mountain in hex B7 gently. They will suffer amnesia for a week. However they will remember falling a long way.

If the players travel between the clouds.

Any player who falls from the bridge will land outside the hut of a man who believes that this is the base of Five Element Mountain.
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02 January 2001