Five Element Mountain 002



Third Session

FEM 002

(Five Element Mountain) The pagoda is made of wood and is built into the mountain. Above it hangs a sign saying "Five Element Mountain". Beside the door is a bell. There is no sign of activity.

They can tell that no more than two or three monks live here on their own.
The front door is closed but not locked. A bell hangs beside the door. A shoe rack is by the door.
There are no windows on the lower level. The upper two levels of the pagoda are shuttered.
Inside is an old man praying at a statue of Budda. The players will hear him on a successful hear noise roll with a -10% modifier due to the softness of his voice.
The pagoda is 1,000% resistant to all magic, fire, wood rot, insects etc.. It radiates no magic aura.

Back over the bridge.

If the party open the door or make a loud noise (like ringing the bell).
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02 January 2001