Five Element Mountain 004



Third Session

FEM 004

(The Secret Door) The door opens into a thirty foot long tunnel ending in an iron door. Carved into the wall to the left of the door is an inscription.

Give the players handout PH-021.
The iron door is untrapped, unlocked and there are no noises to be heard. It is heavy but well oiled and takes a combined strength of at least thirty to open it.
The inscription on the wall is a maze. It gives an exact description of the maze that follows, starting on the other side of the iron door. The exit to the maze (lower right hand corner) is actually a secret door, though it is not shown as such on the inscription.

If the party find their way out of the maze.

Back into the temple.

FEM-M-001.jpg (236863 bytes) Map: FEM-M-001 refers.

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