Five Element Mountain 006



Third Session

FEM 006

(The Lock) You see a room, thirty feet by thirty feet, with a door in the centre of the opposite wall. On the door is what appears to be a puzzle. Piled on the floor are hundreds of tiles. In the right hand corner of the room is a skeleton of a man with a broken sword and shield.

Give the players handout PH-023.
It is possible to remove any tile. All the tiles are exactly the same size and will fit in any position in the puzzle. When all the correct tiles are 1. position the door will open. It leads to a twenty feet long corridor with a door at the end.
The stack on the floor contains two tiles for each polygon starting with circles, then lines, then triangles, squares ... up to one hundred sided polygons.
The skeleton is just that. It will not animate.
Each time the player puts a wrong tile in the puzzle they will have to fight the Lightening Samurai. If the players kill the Samurai he will turn into the correct tile for the position they were trying.

Lightening Samurai

#ATT: 2
DAM: 1d6+2;1d6+2
Special: Attacks are lightening bolts, Half damage if they save.
AC: 2
SVM: 13
MOVE: 12"; Fl=24"

HP: 65

if the players go back into the Chi Nan.

If the party solve the puzzle.


FEM-M-001.jpg (236863 bytes) Map: FEM-M-001 refers.

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02 January 2001