Five Element Mountain 902



Third Session

FEM 902

(Crushing Blow) A six foot diameter hole with rungs opens in the centre of the room.

If the players give the incorrect answer then assume that one random character is standing on the section that vanished unless they all state exactly where they are standing.

If any one falls they will take 33HP damage (from 10d6). It takes about 2.5 seconds to fall the 100 feet.
The hole is 100' deep.
The rungs are solid and in good condition.
When the first player reaches the 80' mark down the hole die rungs will start retracting into the wall. It takes five seconds for them to retract.
Players who hold onto the rungs will lose all the fingers they were using to hang on with (assume four per hand if they do not state that they are doing otherwise). They will loose a permanent 1 HP per finger and cannot do anything which requires fingers.
Players who jump lose 1d6 HP for every ten feet they fall.

If the party reach the bottom.

If the players go back to the top of the shaft.

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(c) 1990, 2000, 2001 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush

02 January 2001