Five Element Mountain 003



Third Session

FEM - 003

(Opening the Door) As you open the door you see a man praying before a twenty foot tall solid gold statue of Budda. In his words you hear him say 'Who enters without first ringing?". He turns to face you.

(Making a Loud Noise) After a short time a man opens the door dressed in monk's robes. Behind him you see a plain room with a twenty foot tall gold statue of Budda.

The monk will want to know why the party is there. If the party can convince him that they are there for a noble cause (right wrongs etc ... ) then he will allow them to search the temple. He is a quiet pious man who bows occasionally and does not tolerable violence.
The only thing in the temple is a twenty foot tall solid gold statue of Budda.
If they search the temple they will automatically find the secret door.

If the players open the secret door.

If the players attack the monk.
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02 January 2001