Five Element Mountain 012



Third Session

FEM 012

(Wu Tze Lee) As you reach the top of the Five Element Mountain you find Wu Tze Lee sitting on a comfortable chair. Beside him, the yellow Emperor's Banner flies on a short flag pole. A path leading down the mountain is clearly visible.

Wu Tze Lee is imprisoned in the chair and cannot leave it. He can only talk to the players. Wu Tze Lee is a friend of Yuen Wu Ye. They have adventured together and formed an alliance against the despotic Yun Tin Kang.
He can tell them the following:
He did steal the opals.
The players should take the Emperor's Banner as no one will attack the bearer of the banner or his entourage. It is the only safe way to enter Nu Gong Zao.
He stole the opals to save his life from Prince Hei Ho Bang.
The Emperor was doomed anyway.
He was imprisoned by the Jade Emperor. (Ruler of Heaven)
He will be released when a new Emperor is chosen.
The players cannot harm Wu Tze Lee, nor can he harm them.
The chair Wu Tze Lee is imprisoned in will glow as magical, but the banner will not.
The path down the side of the mountain is shrouded in cloud. Part of the way down it switches to a mountain path in Hex B7. The players cannot detect this change, nor can they go back up the path to Five Element Mountain. If they try they will simply get to the top of a very high mountain

Back down the stairs.

Base of the mountain.

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24 December 2000