Five Element Mountain 005



Third Session

FEM 005

(Chi Nan Room) You see a round room forty feet in diameter with a twenty foot high roof. A boy-like creature with eight arms stands in front of the door in the opposite wall. In each hand he has a short sword.

(Upon entry) He asks you the following riddle:

Sometimes Black, Mostly White, The colours and fire burn deep within me.

Harlequin I, Hydrophane too, Solid, Nobly and streak.

Give the players handout PH-022.
They have two chances to guess the riddle. The correct answer is Opal. If they give the correct answer they will be allowed to pass. The door is unlocked and opens easily. It leads to a twenty feet corridor with a door at the end.
The boy is actually a mature person. He is arrogant and confident. He will tease the players if they take longer than one minute to work out the answer or get the answer wrong. If they ask him why he is there he will just glare and give threatening gestures.

If the players give the correct answer.

Back into the maze. If the players attack or give the wrong answer two times.
FEM-M-001.jpg (236863 bytes) Map: FEM-M-001 refers.

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(c) 1990, 2000, 2001 Brian Yap and Bradley Bush

02 January 2001