Five Element Mountain 008



Third Session

FEM - 008

(The Hole) You travel for eighty feet down the stairway to a circular room forty feet in diameter. On the far wall is an inscription engraved in a stone which protrudes from the wall.

Give the players handout PH-025.
The protruding stone will glow when any part of it is pressed. The first word spoken by the person touching the glowing stone is taken as the answer.
The riddle is:

I meet the bounds that surround,
But lack My own.
I Have a place for things,
But when full I'm gone.
You cannot take me alone,
You must take my bounds.

The correct answer is 'HOLE'.

If the players give the correct answer.

If the players give the wrong answer. Back into the Five Element room.
FEM-M-001.jpg (236863 bytes) Map: FEM-M-001 refers.

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