Five Element Mountain 007



Third Session

FEM 007

(Five Elements) You see a room, twenty feet by thirty five feet by twenty feet. There are no doors in the room other than the door you are standing at. In the middle of the roof is an inscription. Below the inscription is a five feet square shaped, stone pedestal two feet high.

Give the players Handout PH-024.

The inscription:

I am intense.
I drink from the earth.
I cannot be harmed
I flow with
I am the foundation.

The player must stand on the pedestal and give the answer. If they step off then they must start again. The correct answer is Fire, Wood, Air, Water, Stone.
When the correct answer is given a door will appear in the southern wall. Behind the door is a stairway.
When an incorrect answer is given, a Five Element Elemental will appear and fight. After the fight is over the door will appear. Behind the door is a stairway.

Through the door.

Back into the lock room.
Yuan Su Gui THACO: 3
DAM: Special
AC: 2
SVM: 6
MOVE: 6"

HP: 75


Eyes. Fiery eyes. Left hand jet of water. 5' cone extending 20'. Damage 1d8 Save vs strength with dexterity reaction modifiers.
Right hand. Huge wooden club. Damage 1d6+2.
Breath. Cone of frost 10' diameter extending 20'. Damage 2d8 plus additional 1d4 if wet. No save.
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